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At SimWave Consulting we visualize what our clients did not even dream was possible. In essence through new technologies and innovative thinking, an alternate reality is brought to life. Join us in interacting and creating an exciting new digital world.


Our Company

At SimWave Consulting we visualize what our clients did not even dream was possible. In essence through new technologies and innovative thinking, an alternate reality is brought to life. Join us in interacting and creating an exciting new digital world.


Vimy Ridge VR Experience

Commemorating 100 years since Vimy Ridge; SimWave recreated the scenes of World War I, bringing you back to the trenches of France in 1917 through virtual reality. Using our custom designed 4D multisensory booth, immerse yourself as one of the Canadian Infantry. See the comrades with historically accurate uniforms and equipment, feel the blasts of artillery through our vibrating floors and wind compressors, and remember the struggle of those that have fallen.

In collaboration with: Canadian War Museum

CN-6400 Steam Locomotive VR Experience

All aboard the CN-6400 Train: A historical representation of Canadian Innovation the CN-6400 carried King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on the Royal Tour across Canada in 1939. We take you into the steam train cab to operate the functions of the train to educate people of the functional design of the train cab. Using Oculus Rift this is a 360 Virtual Reality experience with hand sensors, you can touch and interact with all the functions of the train and learn all about locomotive engineering.

In Collaboration with Canada Science and Technology Museum

3D Interactive Theatre

Collaboratively worked with (Science North) in Sudbury Ontario and the (Experimentarium) in Denmark to create a state of  the art Interactive theatre. With 3D sensors, nine projectors, and a state of the art digital game design. We immerse guests into the world where we teach kids the value of a healthy lifestyle and helping their community!

Clients: Science North Museum, Sudbury, Ontario and the Experimentarium Museum, Denmark, Copenhagen.

Royal Canadian Regiment WWI VR Experience

Jump into the trenches in France in 1917. Focusing on the impact the Royal Canadian Regiment had in the battle of  Vimy Ridge. Interact with the environment and the soldiers around you, As you storm the battlefield and feel what it would be like to be a part of this pivotal moment in World War I.  Through the use of our 4D rumbling platform,  you will feel the explosions of artillery going off around you.

Client: Royal Canadian Regiment Museum


Discovery Centre Interactive Virtual Mirror: See the inside of the human body and learn it’s core functions.

Interactive Mirror

Discovery Centre, 2017


Working alongside McMaster University to create a Mental Health Patient Simulation: Teaching students what to do in different Scenarios.

McMaster University

Educational Psych Simulator, 2017


Custom Software Solutions and Simulations: With a breadth of programming knowledge reaching back over 30 years, SimWave is able to develop even the most complex of custom software solutions.

Creating a Virtual Reality Experience

For academic research through to engineering, design, business, arts, and entertainment. We engage and experiment with the senses of virtual touch, sight, smell, and hearing. Virtually in real time. SimWave, experts in creating surreal Virtual Reality experiences.

Available For: Oculus, HTC Vive, PS3 VR, 360° Mobile, and custom designed booths.

Augmented Reality

In a world where there is an app for almost anything. With filters and digitally interactive displays we help you stay current. Create an interactive theatre, or just need an app to enhance a product?  We help you stay relevant. With new technology in AR and projection; SimWave can easily help bring the future to your organization.

Implement Augmented Reality Today.

Video Game Development

At SimWave we specialize in Unity and game creation. The SimWave team has four highly skilled game developers, who use high fidelity 3D elements and animation to develop games for multiple platforms. Have a great game idea you’d like to create? SimWave will provide the solution from the design to the UX.

Game production: Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry, and VR headsets.

360° and High Definition Video Production

We are capable of a wide variety of video styles including corporate videos, weddings, music videos and more. Our unique and modern style make our videos stand out from the rest. Want something special and memorable? Make the video 360°. SimWave can provide 360° images as well.

360° Video and Images.

Make A Museum Exciting By Using Technology

Make a Museum Exciting in 2017: Do you have a dull museum that needs more tech and interactivity? How is a museum considered ahead of its time in 2017? Think outside of the box to virtual reality, interactive theatres and augmented reality.  Using this immersive...

Sim Wave 2016 -2017

SimWaves VR team started with five people that wanted to create a virtual reality experience using all of your senses (sight, sound. smell, touch). And so it began with a wooden box. (As seen in the top left corner of image above). But things changed extremely rapidly...

Virtual Reality Booth: Three Potential Uses

Three Potential Uses for a Virtual Reality Booth Our virtual reality booth is an incredible tool to showcase experiences for a customer or client. The booth is extremely versatile and takes just an hour to set up. The VR booth is not only a 360° visual experience, but...

Justin Wilkinson

Project Lead

Matt Thomas

Head of Business Development

Josh Proulx

Software Developer

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Program Developer

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Systems Administrator

Sarah Rowe

Media Marketing Manager

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Technical Artist

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SimWave Headquarters

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