Data Center

First Person Humidifying Action


Data Center is one of the several experiences we have produced in cooperation with Condair, who uses them to engage clients on the importance of keeping critical infrastructure running in environments with properly regulated humidity.


In Data Center, the user must defend a room full of servers and a compromised humidity level from statically charged bugs that live to absorb the electrical current from anything that requires power. Keeping electrical equipment a very dry environment will draw out these monstrous bugs like moths to a flame. As the custodian of the Data Center, you must destroy the bugs and extinguish the fires they create with your blaster gloves which are specifically designed to regulate the humidity of the room. A room with perfectly regulated humidity is not one the Bugs will stay in for very long.

The purpose of the game is to inform people of the importance of keeping the temperature at an optimal level in data centers. This way the servers will live a happy life and avoid “bugs” from occurring, hence the electricity bugs in the actual game. With only a week of preproduction and four weeks of development our team was able to accomplish quite the feat. At the end of the process we had an engaging game that has only received positive feedback from its user base. Knowing that we can accomplish so much is such a short amount of time has given us a great boost of confidence and has us excited to put our talent to work on larger projects.


Project: Data Center