Meet our Technical Team, We are a team of Developers, Designers, and Business Minded People.

Adam Caithness


Adam, our Chief Financial Officer brings over five years of management and financial experience to the SimWave team. During this time he has acquired countless research and development projects, resulting in over a million dollars’ worth of R&D grants and funding. He has a strong background in finance as well as an aptitude for tech and military simulation. Adam ensures SimWave remains a prominent force in the ever-changing industry of tech and that SimWave runs as an automated system.

  • Securing Research Funding 100%
  • Data Entry Automation and Optimization 96%
  • Interactive Theatre design 92%

Justin Wilkinson

Project Lead, Professor

Justin brings his strong leadership and technical skills to lead our SimWave production team. Creating any game experience has a multitude of levels and moving parts, from the design of the game, the programming, the hardware, the mechanics, and user experience. Fortunately, Justin is an expert in this field. As a professor at Algonquin College, he teaches the Graphics and Game Programming electives in the Computer Engineering Technology program, and volunteers with the Ottawa International Game Conference Organization. Justin is phenomenal at conceptualizing an idea and streamlining it through our team to create the connection between a person and their virtual experience.

  • Debugging 100%
  • Rapid Prototyping 91%
  • Hardware Integration 96%

Matt Thomas

Head of Business Development: B.A.

Matt has an extensive background in management and entrepreneurship which began at age 16. After creating a viral YouTube channel that reached 60 million views, he began producing, directing and managing high scale video productions at his own video company Trending Media. Now Matt has brought his high production management and innovative thinking to SimWave to develop our business and handle all of our exceptional clients. As an expert in AR and VR, he has been on The Disruptors, CTV News, quoted in the Globe and Mail, and various other news outlets. Matt can always be found at the latest technology events in Ottawa and can speak on how you can fully utilize AR and VR in your organization.

  • Business Development  100%
  • Video Production 94%
  • Animal Whisperer 98%

Josh Proulx

Software Developer: B.Eng.

Josh comes to SimWave with over six years of experience in software development and a background in software engineering. At SimWave, he works hard to find unique solutions to difficult problems. Josh has been integral in developing virtual hand interactions using the Leap Motion and has worked extensively on integrating 4D effects into our 4D Booth using Arduino microcontrollers.

  • Software Development 100%
  • Hand Tracking 91%
  • Microcontroller Scripting 96%

Nathan Elliott

3D Artist

Nathan creates captivating art that immerses our VR users into the worlds he designs.  He has been designing since 2006 and has graduated from the game development program at Algonquin College. He has a passion for design and tech and is an expert in hard surface modelling and creating new virtual environments.

  • Hard Surface Modelling 100%
  • Environment Modelling 99%
  • Digital Sculpting 91%

Ryan Milligan

3D Artist

Ryan is a meticulous artist that has worked in the gaming industry for almost eight years. Ryan graduated from Durham College in 2008 from the Computer Animation program. He has since worked on a variety of interactive multimedia projects. Ryan has worked on the high profile Star Wars games creating 3D models and populating different levels and environments for the franchised game. He specialises in modelling, texturing and building new levels and environments.

  • 3D Modelling 100%
  • Building and Populating Levels 99%
  • Texturing 95%

Josh Brodie

Program Developer

Josh was one of the first graduates from the advanced game development program at Algonquin College. Subsequently, he has designed games for a multitude of consoles from the recent VR to the obsolete devices of the past. He has worked on games for the popular X-Men and Star Wars franchises as well as games for EA. Although Josh has extensive knowledge in design and art he also excels when it comes to programming animation, physics and the aesthetic movement of objects. He is well versed in C# programming language and is currently working on creating an exquisite VR experience for tech enthusiasts in Unity.

  • Physics and Movement Programming 100%
  • Animation Programming 97%
  • Computer Graphics and Art 95%
Juan Winsor

Juan Winsor

Senior Applications Developer

Juan Winsor has an extensive amount of IT and programming knowledge. He has always had a passion for gaming and decided to teach himself how to program. Juan learned about user experiences after owning his own Gaming Café in Yellowknife for six years where he learned what excited people about gaming and how it brought people together. After this experience, Juan realised he wanted to learn even more and entered into the game development program at Algonquin College, and graduated in 2013. Juan now has over four years of experience using Unity (game development software) and with his knowledge and skills in User Interface and User Experience, he has become an excellent game developer. He has created his own Android and iOS games and worked on games for the popular X-Men and Star Wars franchises.

  • User Interface 100%
  • Gaming Architecture 95%
  • Unity Game Development 90%

Scott Keohane

Systems Administrator

Scott is a graduate of Algonquin College and brings two years of experience working with various hardware and operating systems. He works hard to keep all systems running smoothly and works to quickly resolve any issues with his excellent troubleshooting skills. In his spare time, he likes playing around with his Raspberry Pi and learning new skills and trends in the IT world.

  • Troubleshooting 100%
  • Network and App Administrator 96%
  • Scripting/Programming 92%

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