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At SimWave Consulting we visualize what our clients did not even dream was possible. In essence through new technologies and innovative thinking, an alternate reality is brought to life. Join us in interacting and creating an exciting new digital world.




Virtual Reality, Custom Virtual Reality Experiences
Creating Mobile Applications for iOs and Android
Augmented Reality software development
Custom Software Solutions for VR, AR and More
Interactive Projection for museum exhibits and more
Digital Exhibits, for Museums, Arcade and corporate

Using The Leap Motion To Control A Rifle With Two Hands

Hand positioning for a gun in a virtual reality game using Leap Motion can be hard to control. Especially when the gun would standardly require two hands to operate like the Enfield Rifle from WWI. Here is a quick tutorial on what we did in order to operate a gun in a...

Virtual Reality and Education

Virtual Reality is ready to transform education and now students can learn like never before. Learn about the past, learn more about science, and go places you never thought you would go, all while having a fun new experience. Just about any topic and any discipline...

GTEC 2016

The Canadian Government and Technology Conference 2016: Key tech influencers like Microsoft, Adobe, and Salesforce were all present at the GTEC event. We were honoured to be invited by the Science and Technology Museum to be a part of this conference. SimWave team...

Justin Wilkinson

Project Lead

Matt Thomas

Head of Business Development

Josh Proulx

Software Developer

Josh Brodie

Program Developer

Scott Keohane

Systems Administrator

Ryan Milligan

3D Artist

Juan Winsor

Senior Applications Developer

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SimWave Headquarters

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