This month we had all hands on deck to develop a virtual reality data center game. Once again, we had a very short timeline to finish the game, with only four weeks to do so. In the game, the user must defend a data center from evil electric bugs that live to suck the life out of the servers and light them on fire. As the user, you must destroy the bugs and extinguish the fires with your blaster gloves that shoot water – The blaster gloves also have a user interface that display the user’s health and the overall temperature of the data center.

The purpose of the game is to inform people of the importance of keeping the temperature at an optimal level in data centers. This way the servers will live a happy life and avoid “bugs” from occurring, hence the electricity bugs in the actual game.

Within the four week development cycle, we were able to build an engaging and interactive game that has only received positive feedback. The past two virtual reality experiences that we’ve completed have both had a development cycle of less than one month, and both have received nothing but great reviews. Knowing that we can accomplish so much is such a short amount of time has given us a great boost of confidence.

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