According to Ontario Ministry of Labour: “Workers in a new job are three times more likely to be injured during the first month on the job than more experienced workers.”
Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC), says that “in 2015, 852 workplace deaths were recorded in Canada”.

Simulation training is even more vital than before. It equates to fewer accidents happening by new trainees.

Yes, you can role play to simulate exercises and do test drills. But sometimes based on time, budget, space, and scenario this can be costly. Not to mention the simulation could be inaccurate to the real feeling of being in the situation. That’s when using technology could be essential in proper training, to simulate the right environment.

Identify the contraband Virtual Reality scenario:

SimWave recently created a virtual reality simulation to determine workplace hazards. This particular simulation is for healthcare professionals to find contraband within a hospital room. Of course, our simulations are not just for healthcare professionals. See more of our Virtual Reality and Simulation work here: SimWave Work

SimWave works with organisations to customise their training simulations:

Our 3D artists and developers work with agencies to recreate immersive simulations. We design items accurately. In order, to make objects, people, and the environment look as realistic as possible. Moreover, our scenarios, use virtual reality technology to make the user feel autonomous. We can let the user walk around the environment control objects with their hands. In fact, we create an alternate world for the simulation to take place. If external forces such as heat, cold, wind, or scent affect the environment, we can use our VR booth to simulate these conditions.
Our identify the contraband simulation utilities an easy hide and seek game concept. This concept duplicated in different environments to spot hazards can become a powerful tool for training. It could be a simulation for forensics to find evidence, corrections officers to find contraband, or a cook identifying potential unsanitary contaminates in a kitchen.
Although the initial payment for a virtual reality scenario seems expensive. The cost of training will lower expenses down the road and can provide a safer work environment. Utilising technology for training, people can learn faster. They can get practice in the “real world” and be able to replicate a simulation. With a virtual reality simulation, trainees can train on their own time, no actors or scenario set-ups required.
And organisations having fewer mistakes, errors, and injuries by new trainees will make for a better work environment!
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