Simulation Training in Virtual Reality is an Expanding Market

When it comes to medical professionals, military, first responders, and other do or die industry workers, people do want to know these professionals are people they can count on. That’s why virtual reality and immersive technology simulations are a great addition to the extensive training required within these industries.

Recently SimWave began a project with McMaster University in training medical professionals. This virtual reality simulation emulates a patient area for the professional to identify dangerous or harmful objects that could potentially be life threatening. Although the concept may be simple, there are times where potentially hazardous or contrabanded objects get overlooked. These types of virtual reality simulations could give a new trainee the advantage of spotting these objects even on their first day!

Patient room, searching for contraband experiment with SimWave
It is not SimWave’s first time creating simulation exercises our parent company SimFront has been doing military simulations for over 20 years. SimWave recently was part of the Athena project working with the Canadian Safety and Security Program. This iOs/ Android application shows first responders how to react during a train incident, to identify other potential complications, and respond as effectively as possible.

First responder Train observer application
These Simulations and tests are great practice in helping the responders remain calm and clear headed while dealing with real life threats.
When we put our lives in the hands of someone else, we want to know it’s in the right hands and they have completed and excelled in their training. That’s why using technology to improve and advance training is essential.