How can you educate students in virtual reality about war, guns and violence without glorifying the idea of it?

We’ve gotten many responses for our Virtual Reality Vimy Ridge scenario and people that haven’t tried our experience always ask us the question “is it scary?”. The answer to that question is war is scary but our experience is meant to enlighten not scare. After most people have tried the VR experience the usual response is “Wow that’s powerful”.

Our intentions from the very beginning of creating this experience were to commemorate the anniversary of Vimy Ridge for the Canada 150th celebrations. To ensure we did not glorify the idea of war and to make this a historical piece we have taken several actions:

  • Consulted with historians to ensure historical accuracy and worked with museum curators to create age-appropriate content.
  • We have an age restriction of 10 +
  • The VR experience does not showcase any blood, guts, or gore we keep the violence to a minimum and only show that “men have fallen”.
  • We do not provide the user with the capability of injuring another person within the experience.
  • Although we put the user in the midst of the action; We also focus on the underground tunnels, people thinking of loved ones before the battle, and we showcase the present day war memorial to commemorate the brave people that lost their lives on that day.

If you’d like to try our Vimy Ridge Scenario be sure to attend the London Ontario Royal Canadian Regiment Museum to see the exhibit OR follow us on social media to know where our VR booth will be displaying this experience in Canada. replica handbags replica handbags hermes replica replica bags replica handbags replica hermes replica bags replica handbags replica hermes hermes replica iphone cases cheap jewelry wholesale jewelry sex toys cheap sex toys human hair wigs cheap nfl jerseys cheap jerseys canada goose outlet