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MIPTV: is the global marketplace for television and digital content for all genres and screens, including Virtual Reality (VR), and we can’t wait for this conference in April.

SimWave will be attending alongside thousands of television decision makers and Trend Setters; Our goal while attending MIPTV is to shed light on VR and show that Canada has some great developers, designers, and content creators to create great media. We will be showcasing two virtual reality experiences that we created for museums. We are looking to break into more industries outside of education and enter into the entertainment industry as well!

Courtesy of Canadian Media Fund we will be attending the MIPTV conference in Cannes France to show that VR is a great medium not just for advertising, but for creating television content within this medium as well.

As Pearl (VR animated film nominated for an academy award in 2017) brought some Hollywood spotlight to VR, people can see that this form of media is no longer for the elitists. High-quality virtual reality headsets are cheaper than the cost of what televisions cost in the 90’s, and if you are really focused on affordability, you can use a cell phone and a piece of cardboard to create the 360° view.

So with all the other Virtual Reality displays, booths and presenters that will be attending the MIPTV conference, how will SimWave stand out from the crowd?

Well, aside from our Time Machine (4D sensory booth), it will really be about our people and what they know about this technology. We don’t just film in 360° (we do that), we don’t just design games (we do that too), we also work with motion technology like Leap Motion and Xbox Connect. SimWave creates high-quality content for viewers to not only see and hear, but to touch, interact, and play with!

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