This week we spoke with a local Ottawa college about providing them with a ‘virtual school’ by using various technologies, such as Bluetooth beacons, application programming, digital videos, animation, and Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality on Campus

Imagine being able to use your mobile phone to find the location of the library on campus, or receive a notification that a book has just come in about a topic you’re interested in. As you pass the local gymnasium, you can use your phone to see the schedule of fitness classes happening that day!

Using Virtual Tours for Student Recruitment

Beyond this, if you have a digital/virtual copy of your school, you can recruit new students by bringing a Virtual Reality headset to a student recruitment opportunity, or simply post it to your website or app so students can view it on their phones or desktops. 

Don’t just tell potential students what your campus is like through presentations and pictures when you can also immerse them into your campus. If you have state of the art facilities, Virtual Reality is the best way to highlight them. You can even create a sense of interactivity within the virtual tour; if you have a student who is interested in sports, showcase the equipment rooms and sports fields on campus! Have a science major? Show them the chemistry and biology labs they could be working in next year. So how would a virtual tour or interactive campus applications set you apart from other schools? It not only shows what your school has to offer but that it is an innovative institution constantly being modernised by technology. The capabilities of technology are endless! Consult with @SimWave to see how we can propel you into the future. replica handbags replica handbags hermes replica replica bags replica handbags replica hermes replica bags replica handbags replica hermes hermes replica iphone cases cheap jewelry wholesale jewelry sex toys cheap sex toys human hair wigs cheap nfl jerseys cheap jerseys canada goose outlet