Make a Museum Exciting in 2017:

Do you have a dull museum that needs more tech and interactivity?

How is a museum considered ahead of its time in 2017?

Think outside of the box to virtual reality, interactive theatres and augmented reality. 

Virtual Reality

Using this immersive technology, you can bring people into any scenario: Show them the effects of global warming, bring them back to monumental moments in history, or give viewers a 3D view of an experience they never thought would be possible. Science and Tech Museum in Canada will have an immersive 360° train engine experience to immerse people into an engine room from the 1940’s. 

Interactive Theatres

Science North in Canada and the Experimentarium in Copenhagen: Decided to use an interactive theatre to teach kids about active living, getting them to interact, play, jump and have fun using interactive projection. You can see first hands people wanting to line up to join in on the fun of this exhibit..

Man using iphone to take picture at Museum

Smart Phones and Augmented Reality

In 2017 we are glued to our phones, but what if we made it a good thing! Many museums have moved to e-tickets, and having a museum phone application. However, this can be taken a step further, for example, scanning an exhibit in the theatre to advance the experience?  At the Detroit Institute of Art in the Egyptian Gallery you can scan a mummy to see it’s X Ray’s. Being able to take an exhibit a step further not only enhances an experience but becomes even more educational by being able to teach about more than one subject at a time.  Check out this article here to see what other exhibits have been augmented.

If you are prepared to propel into the future of VR or AR give our Ottawa office a call:

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