Three Potential Uses for a Virtual Reality Booth

Our virtual reality booth is an incredible tool to showcase experiences for a customer or client. The booth is extremely versatile and takes just an hour to set up. The VR booth is not only a 360° visual experience, but includes rumbling floors, wind, scents, and cool or warm air. There are so many great uses for a VR Booth here are just three suggestions:

Woman wearing virtual reality headset in the clouds.
Tourism Promotion: Attract new visitors to your destination

Looking for a creative way to show the beauty and wonder of your destination or hotel/resort? Upon entering our virtual reality booth one is transported directly to a new destination. Traditionally, destination marketers have used pictures or a video clip to advertise their destinations. Instead, why not put your potential customer inside our 360° booth and allow them to be on top of a mountain or on the beach with the wind in their hair. Allow them to see monumental buildings or the grand entranceway to a dazzling hotel in 360°. Stimulating all of a person’s senses as our booth does taps into their emotional memory and makes it a truly memorable experience.

Modern Day Museum
Museum Exhibits: Using the virtual booth to recreate or enhance a current exhibit

Museums around the world can bring their exhibits to life using our VR Booth. For the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, we created a World War I simulation to enhance the Vimy Ridge exhibit. The original display contained uniforms, artillery, and displayed video footage from 1917, which was great but we were able to take it a step further. SimWave recreated the Vimy scene from 1917 so that the museumgoer is completely immersed, and can now feel the rumbling of the artillery, smell the gun powder, and see a soldier standing next to them.

For the Science and Technology museum, we did not just bring people back in time but also gave museumgoers an opportunity to see something that was once inaccessible to the public. We created a virtual train engine room and allowed people to play and learn about all of its functions. This is not only a great educational tool for museum attendees but also a new experience that attracts a wider audience.

Man and Woman watching a Fantastical Movie in Virtual Reality
Movie Trailers: Set up a booth in a high traffic place and let viewers interact in a scene

The movie industry has always been innovative in immersing viewers into a film, with 3D glasses, IMAX, and D-Box technology, but VR Booths are the latest innovation for 2017. Our booth can be placed anywhere as long as there is a standard electrical outlet: a film festival, a movie theatre, or in the middle of Times Square. Our VR Booth allows people to watch an upcoming film trailer in a new and exciting way, giving people an opportunity to interact with characters and objects by using infrared hand tracking technology (Leap Motion) to virtually grab objects in a sceneWith our booth, people do not just feel the action but are a part of it and can explore and create within the scene. Imagine immersing yourself in a horror film where the terror feels extremely real.

The uses of a virtual reality booth are endless. If you have any questions or are ready to bring your vision to life, get in touch with us by clicking the contact button below.

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