Virtual Reality is ready to transform education and now students can learn like never before. Learn about the past, learn more about science, and go places you never thought you would go, all while having a fun new experience.

Just about any topic and any discipline can be brought to life and experienced through VR. When you are limited in resources, time or have physical restrictions: virtual reality can be an invaluable tool for educators.

History and World War I in Virtual Reality

At SimWave Consulting our first virtual reality project was recreating the historical battle of Vimy Ridge. This was for the Canadian History Museum, the project provided an interactive learning experience for visitors. When we showed the demo to a group of high school students they were highly engaged and very interested in learning more. They felt a real sense of what happened in that battle as SimWave brought them back to 1917, even if it was for just a moment. Watching a video in class could never impact students as much of the effect of putting an on a 360 headset and reliving the moment.

Study Science in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is particularly effective for schools on a budget. Can’t afford a real chemistry lab? Imagine putting on a headset and getting the chance to interact with chemicals to see the reactions first hand. No Bunsen burner burns, or first aid kits required, students can try experiments that could have some serious repercussions in the real world, but these can all be done safely through VR, while students very actively participate.

Global Studies and Exploration using a VR Headset

Another great tool is using resources like Google Earth VR. Students can take trips to places that cost 1000’s of dollars for the price of an HTC Vive headset. With the purchase of an HTC Vive, students can go to the pyramids in Egypt, the leaning tower of Pisa or hundreds of other locations. The possibilities are endless as students travel the world.
This is not just a great learning experience for young people but adults as well. The reactions I see when people try this technology is always excitement and a curiosity to learn more about this innovative technology.
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