The Canadian Government and Technology Conference 2016:

Key tech influencers like Microsoft, Adobe, and Salesforce were all present at the GTEC event. We were honoured to be invited by the Science and Technology Museum to be a part of this conference. SimWave team members got to explore and see new immerging technology that will hopefully be integrated throughout the government sector. Some interesting topics and features at the conference included cyber security, augmented and virtual reality headsets, and customer management software and programs.  Everything was recorded and can be watched at the link below: .

GTEC 2016:

VR and AR Headsets

Of course, we showcased our popular 4D Booth. People were impressed with how we can implement virtual reality to recreate simulations for training and education purposes.

As a tech company that stemmed from SIMFront (Military Simulation Company), we were impressed by the Microsoft Hololens and the augmented reality military vehicles we saw inside the Shaw Conference Centre. Within the Hololens large tanks could be seen at all angles. This technology could obviously be used for training technicians and military personnel. Being able to recreate any object in virtual reality can save on costs and logistics when compared to having a physical tank present. Using the Microsoft Hololens you are able to view the tank clearly and see all of its specifications and details.

During the conference, it was apparent how valuable VR and AR can be as a marketing tool, especially for early adopters. Almost everyone made a point to visit the AR and VR Booths, people were willing to wait 20-30 minutes to try a 3-minute experience. This gave us plenty of time to showcase our work and have great discussions with people.  Even if you don’t work in the tech industry VR and AR provide many opportunities to showcase products, tools, and services. Trust us, if you do everyone will be raving about your organisation after a conference!

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