Spiria hosted an amazing event “Techtoberfest” last night in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Techtoberfest happens in many fast-paced tech cities like Silicon Valley, but it is new to Ottawa. It certainly wasn’t a traditional Oktoberfest themed party but there was no shortage of beer, sausages, and pretzels. The highlight of the night was all of the technology and innovation taking place at the beautifully refurbished church Spiria calls their office.

Canada is ahead of the curve on Virtual Reality and is in the top three countries for video game production. Yet so many Canadians haven’t had a chance to try VR or even a 360 viewing experience. So it was great for us to have this free event in the capital, with just over 200 people attending. Students, engineers, game developers and tech enthusiasts – we were all able to see something new at the event! We had the latest goggles from Oculus rift for racing and hand motion games, the HTC VIVE to play walking the plank and Simwave brought our 4D booth. What surprised us the most was the demand to try this new emerging software, with some of the headsets having 20-30 minute line ups for people to try something new and immerse themselves into the Tech of 2016.

Techtoberfest: Driving Virtual Reality Race Car

Techtoberfest: Girl trying Virtual Reality Racing game.

Thank you Spiria for staying ahead of the curve and showing people the new and unexpected with tech! We can’t wait for next October already!


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