With the open house over with we have our sights set on our next milestone, The Canadian Museums Association Conference. The conference takes place from April 11 to April 15 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and we are more than excited to show off our booth on a national scope. Over the past several months we have been in contact with dozens of museums across the country regarding our potential project for the Canada 150 Celebrations. We plan on taking 50 of our virtual reality booths to landmarks in each province and territory that will include 13 historic Canadian scenarios that a user can experience. Although we have been able to show off our booth to many of these museums, there are still quite a few who have not been able to try it out. The Canadian Museums Association Conference will allow us to meet many of these people who we have been in contact with and be able to reveal our innovative virtual reality booth to them.

Moving forward, we have set quite a few goals for ourselves for the road ahead. We are currently researching how to add smells to our list of 4D environmental elements. This would permit us to add an even more immersive ambiance to the overall experience. We also plan to have the 3D render completed for the production version of the booth. There is a lot to come in the near future, stay tuned.

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