After having a television segment on CTV News Ottawa, we received quite a bit of interest from people of different institutions around Canada. One e-mail that caught our eye was when a lady reached out to us asking if she could rent time in our virtual reality booth to give to her son, Tyler, for Christmas. After finding out that Tyler was a history buff, we wanted to give him a tour of the office and give him a chance to try out our virtual reality demo.

We had Tyler, a local high school student from here in Ottawa come down to the office today to check out our virtual reality booth. Not only that but we gave him a tour of some of our workstations, allowing him to understand the level of work that goes into creating a project like our virtual reality experiences. Needless to say he was blown away with the work we are doing and would love to come back. He had mentioned to his fellow classmates and teachers that he was coming to visit us and he was actually offered bonus marks if he were to write a report on the tour.

In the future, if our office space allows for it, not only would we like to continue giving personal tours but we would love to have classrooms come to the office to see our work.

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