CTV VISIT to SimWave CTV Crew Virtual Reality CTV Visiting Open House

Today was the day of our open house, showcasing our virtual reality booth. Although, before the doors officially opened we had CTV News Ottawa come down to shoot an interview for a television segment displaying our virtual reality booth. After reaching out to them and explaining the work that we are doing, Eric Longley was very excited to display our work on TV for the first time. We started the interview off with Adam Caithness explaining the company as well as our current achievements and future goals. Then, Matt showed off the actual hardware features of the booth, including, the rumbling floor, the solenoids that shoot air, the fan on the roof, and other features that make the SimWave booth stand out.

Although it was difficult to portray the work that we are doing on TV, the segment definitely gave the viewers a good idea of what we are creating. Not only that, but the booth has a “wow factor” to it that grabs the attention of everyone. In fact, after the TV segment on CTV, we received lots of interest from people from all over Canada including school teachers and other media companies.


Thanks to Eric Longley and the crew at CTV News Ottawa for producing a great television segment on our virtual reality booth!


“It is too bad we only have 2 minutes, we will definitely be back” – CTV News Ottawa

Article and TV segment can be seen here.



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