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Remember when you were a kid and the best time in the world was playing with a cardboard box? You were imagining that it was whatever you wanted and it can take you to wherever you wanted to go. It was great. Your imagination took you to places inside this box and sometimes you would get a little effect like someone knocking on the lid and or hearing sounds and pretending that it was a sound coming from your play memories. Old school VR.

And then after a while, after having great memories of playing, testing and modding of the box, you end up moving along. Moving on to something where your imagination was taking you, but to a more tangible experience. An experience that includes all the excitement that you had with the cardboard box with more shine, upgrades and options than  before.

The potential of VR is what we created for ourselves and our team SimWave past one of the most important stages in our pipeline. It was that of the pre prototype cardboard box. It’s funny because Google created the Cardboard and we did the same thing except that ours was made out of wood, and pipes and low frequency transducers (think Large Nintendo Rumble Packs attached underneath our wooden floating floor). The essence was still the same. Create a low fidelity unit to see if you can invoke the same feeling that you expect to come from a final product at a more basic level.

We are not claiming to be the first but rather that we respect the fact that we have to plan and sculpt and shape the path we are taking towards the end result. To us this is to create a responsible design that exudes our expectations and are a contribution to the realm of VR. It’s our duty to create great designs and that starts with the block. The Uncarved Block.

Now with the new metal box we can’t wait to see what new experiences we can come up with. Never forgetting the memories and excitement that first came with the cardboard box.

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