dymech-visit-2 dymech-visit-3 dymech-visit-4 dymech-visit-5 Rather than going into the office, Matt had a change of scenery for the day. He drove over to see the guys at Dymech Engineering in Greely to check out the progress of the virtual reality booth prototype. He got to take some pictures of the construction as well as learn some ideas that the engineers had moving forward.

There are 4 pillars for the solenoids to be installed in to add the effect of wind and bursts of air. The floating floor is there to allow wiring to pass through it, although most importantly, it allows for our low-frequency audio transducers to be mounted on the bottom of it, adding a rumbling effect to the experience. There is a ramp to allow for wheelchair accessibility and there is an optional folding seat that rotates 360‎° for those who feel more comfortable sitting throughout the virtual reality experience. The roof will hold fans, dispensing cold and hot air, to make the booth feel like the place you are experiencing in the virtual world. Overall, the 4D environmental effects will make the booth truly come to life.

The guys are going to have a hard time letting go of the wooden booth when the time comes – Rumor has it they are going to hold a service for it when they have to get rid of it.